MHK will operate a full-day, year-round program in our five (5) Virginia Beach centers presently located at:


999 Atlantis Dr. (23451)  


5691 Hampshire Lane (23462)


3278 Holland Road (23453)                      


3201 Edinburg Dr. (23452)


1484 Drawbridge Circle (23453)              


Admin: 2712 Southern Blvd.       Suite 201



Mile High Kids and Community Development, Inc. (MHK) is a non-profit organization dedicated to community development. MHK was awarded a Head Start grant to serve the city of Virginia Beach, VA. MHK will provide comprehensive child development services for children between the ages of three and five to the most vulnerable children and their families; including children with special needs and disabilities in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Our mission is to prepare children, families, and the community to pursue lifelong learning.



2712 Southern Blvd., Suite 201

VA Beach, VA 23452

Telephone: (757) 962-8005

Fax: (757) 452-3051


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MHK vision is to build a better future for the children and families in the communities that we serve.

Full Day, Full Year, serving 225 children

Mile High Kids and Community Development, Inc © 2015  

In order to facilitate a stronger community, improve understanding and greater outreach, MHK strives to consistently model and promote the following shared values as contributing to our work toward achieving our mission. We affirm that we will apply these values to all contacts within our organization and throughout the community at large. The following values will guide our decision making and program delivery as it applies to children, families, staff, and the community.




We believe that quality of service is defined by the strength of our relationships. We will strive to build strong positive relationships on a foundation of mutual respect, open communication, and collaboration with each other, our children, families, providers, community partners, volunteers, and contributors.





We believe that it is a primary and essential responsibility of each person in this organization to conduct themselves with personal honesty. Integrity nurtures trust; trust of each other; trust that we will follow this statement of values, trust that our children and providers have for the organization. Trust is the key to our success. We will strive to be honest with ourselves, tell the truth to each other, and be transparent in our decision making.





We believe in providing the highest quality learning environments. Children will be engaged in meaningful and developmentally appropriate learning activities, guided by qualified professionals in an enriched educational environment. We will use best practices as subscribed by Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS-R), ELLCO, Teaching Strategies-GOLD, and CLASS to ensure the provision of high quality services. We will conduct ongoing monitoring, program planning, and annual self-assessment in order to provide comprehensive services to children and families of our community.





We believe the work we do gives people the opportunity to improve their lives. Our work gives providers the opportunity to improve their lives through the professional development opportunities we offer. The mission inspires us to be passionate about our work. We will strive to always do our best in the most creative, resourceful, energetic, thoughtful and compassionate way possible.





We believe that we have an obligation to ourselves, to the organization, to our children, and to the community to provide services that produce tangible, significant results. We are all stewards of the resources of the organization and have the responsibility for using those resources to achieve the most effective outcomes. We will use the best available knowledge and information, develop the best of our abilities and skills, and hold ourselves and each other accountable to make the greatest impact possible. We promote best practices as subscribed by Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS-R), ELLCO, Teaching Strategies-GOLD, and CLASS to ensure ongoing improvement as we provide high quality services.